How to structure an essay?

If you're a student and struggling to write top-notch essays, you must read this article till the end. No doubt, essay writing is a tough and overwhelming task, but it is also a fact that no rocket science is involved in writing a top-notch essay. It is a fact that academic writing is the last resort for them. Therefore, students must learn to structure an essay.

Those students who don't have enough writing skills must not fret out or get confused. They can learn to write a presentable essay. Well, if a student is running out of time to submit the assigned topic regarding academic writing, he must avail himself of an essay writing service. Moreover, students should not consider writing a comprehensive essay in a tedious job.

Let's have a look at the importance and steps to structuring an essay.


  • Importance of essay structuring

Essay structuring is one of the essential components of essay writing. It is the base for writing the content. It helps in organizing and managing the scattered thoughts, ideas, and feelings of a writer related to the topic. It guides an essay writer to mention the relevant piece of information at the right place in the content. It provides a proper guideline for writing the content in the appropriate format that is paragraphing, sentence structuring, and marking down different ideas, thoughts, examples, different pieces of evidence orderly.

The structure of an essay is composed of three different parts. 

  1. Introduction
  2. Main Body
  3. Conclusion

Let's discuss the main purpose of the components mentioned above one by one.


  • Introduction

It is the first section of academic writing. A writer has to understand its importance. It demands a writer to commence writing the exemplification essay by mentioning a hook statement. There are different types of hook statements. It depends on the nature of the topic of what type of a hook statement should be mentioned there. Usually, a hook statement plays the role of an opening statement in essays. 

Furthermore, the introductory paragraph demands a concise definition of the topic. Afterward, a writer must write a short thesis statement. This statement is the backbone of the topic. It must not exceed the limit of two to three sentences. However, it is necessary to write an intriguing, robust, and thought-provoking thesis statement. It must be robust enough to make the reader curious about the topic so that he must take deep interest to know complete facts about it.


  • Main Body

It is the lengthiest part of essay writing. It provides enough space and liberty to an essay writer to explicate the topic in detail. A writer should illustrate the central theme that is a thesis statement comprehensively. Each idea must be mentioned in a separate paragraph. Each paragraph must not be way too long that a reader finds it boring or difficult to read.

Next, all paragraphs must consist of one main idea supported by a vivid example, a strong piece of evidence and a logical argument. A writer has to ensure smooth transitions between each paragraph. The main body should be composed of a minimum of three paragraphs. However, a number of paragraphs can be increased depending upon the length of an essay.


  • Conclusion

It is the last section of essay writing. In this section, a scribbler has to summarize the whole discussion in the section of the Main Body. Students at the initial stage of writing must note that they have to conclude the topic significantly, convincingly, and precisely. Doing so is not as simple as ABC. For this purpose, students have to learn writing remarkable concluding remarks.

It is also noticeable here that no new idea should be mentioned in this part of the narrative essay.


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